The Faces Of God

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I see God’s face in the circle of all living things His star-eyes light up every side of the sky. I see His diligent hand reach through the dark His lofty, curved vision rests in the shadow of all.

I see God’s movement stamped on a perimeter of faces-- wrinkled, aged men, the child, swept in secret beauty with astonished eyes, the braceleted images vanishing down the city lanes. The pink-faced priests, the drab bank clerks, the defiant drunk with whiskey eyes cannot deny God’s signature stamped on these disappearing days.

Rumors in the wind reveal His glory in silhouetted songs carried in the arms of night. My desires follow that wind where boundaries float, unhoused, and longings sprout green.

Though this day is without compare I am distracted by other skies, a distant hearkening that waves beyond God’s shores. My designless God, in whom all things begin, What home have you prepared for me? What corner of heaven shall be mine? Your face and essence to me are the end of all desire, so, reveal Your flaming splendor full of shining grace full, as of the sun.

Patricia Kelly Gangas from her 3rd book of poetry, These Places Of Light