Sacred Heart

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But the foundation God has laid stands firm. It bears this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are His.” ~Tim 2, 19.

From the day’s soft peace I rest in the scarlet curves of Your unformed heart. Its tulip-fired sounds drift into the shapeless miracle of day. O, sweet dominion hidden in this radiant silence.

Praying beyond prayer I feel outside of things and my soul burns, spreading out to places not know before. Who am I, Lord, that You should invite me in? I have done nothing more than traipse after You, consumed in Your distanceless days, Your love-binding mystery-- that river of being upon which my heart feeds. Your deep winds sought me too, like a secret love, and now, I, an eternal captive know there can be no other life, but Yours.

O, brown-limbed flesh, O, feeble shadow, night is now here, the children sleep-- go, put out the light pull on your stout-strapped pilgrim shoes and walk within the space the sun has left, a still, wind-sheltered peace.

O, Veiled God of awesome power, O, Dark Delight, I see Your starry splendor, Your Face in this moon-flecked night Your heart in my inexplicable core.

Patricia Kelly Gangas from her 3rd book of poetry, These Places Of Light