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The Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective

This Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective 8-week course can help you turn what previously was your “limitation” or “challenge” into an extraordinary strength - Get empowered to own your gifts and share them with others.


THE BOOK: Enlightenment is Sexy

 “Change your consciousness, change your life,” Enlightenment Is Sexy is every woman’s self-help guide for regaining, revitalizing & empowering her highest sense of self. Because nothing short of a truly magical life is your birthright…

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My 12-week Highly Sensitive One-on-One Coaching Program can help you, the highly sensitive person, not only thrive, but turn your sensitivity into a superpower. I can help you do life differently & literally change your world.


Valerie Gangas

Valerie Gangas is a highly regarded personal coach, speaker and author who specializes in helping highly sensitive people (HSPs) gain a deeper understanding of who they are, so they can genuinely thrive and unleash their magic more fully into the world. 
After her first Transcendental Meditation experience in the winter of 2011, Valerie's spiritual awakening gave rise to an inspired, non-stop outpouring of insight, creativity and empowerment—the focus of which is especially targeted for highly sensitive women—resulting in her Amazon bestselling book: Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life.

Standing firmly in her belief that “life is best lived from the inside out,” Valerie shares her keen-eyed and forthright, soul-illuminating discoveries so others may find the encouragement, inspiration and guidance to reclaim their lives and make their most heartfelt dreams come true. “Consciousness, freedom, purpose and love are what it’s all about,” and this provocative 21st-century mantra is the essence of Valerie’s multi-dimensional approach to helping others find the best of it all in their daily lives.


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