Signs From The Other Side with Fern Ronay

Listen to Valerie Gangas and the Power of Meditation from Signs From The Other Side with Fern Ronay in Podcasts.

After Valerie Gangas's mother passed, she no longer wanted to live. In the grip of depression, she was led to Transcendental Meditation but had no expectations. After her first session, however, she was profoundly changed. After her second session, she experienced a visit with her mother. And, only a short time later, she found herself standing in front of Oprah Winfrey and teaching TM to Oprah and her team at Harpo Studios. Oprah even remarked, "I want what that girl has."

Also discussed, the sign from Valerie's mother that involved Wynonna Judd, in the flesh, as well as another sign involving James Taylor, also in person. Valerie and Fern also chat about making the law of attraction work for you, as well as how to gracefully, and with love, release "emotional vampires" from our lives.