You Wanna’ Know (and Live) Your True Destiny?

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“What’s meant to be will always find a way.” ~Trisha Yearwood

Let’s be real: we've all asked ourselves at one time or another, “What exactly am I doing here on this big blue marble?" Straight up, life can be hard. At times, it brings us to our knees. It’s human nature to ask, “Why? What’s it all for?”

Destiny — we all have one.

The challenge is trying to figure out what it is and how we can bring it to life in our world. And clearly, we must be here for a purpose. Right?

Surely, we aren't just a bunch of meat-sacks living with zero intent. I mean, that would be super depressing and completely lame, like going to a movie on a first date, or having a big bowl of ice cream right in front of us without a spoon to eat it with.

What’s the point?

I have a theory: our world is a giant classroom. We are here to learn, to move forward, to grow in consciousness, die, and then to return here and do it again. Much like the process of attending school, we ascend to different levels.

And graduation is the end goal, but we acquire seriously valuable knowledge, skills and experience along the way.

In preschool or kindergarten, we learn to play “nice” with others, to read a little and to not eat the glue — you know, life skills for a five-year-old. Then we advance to grade school, where we learn a little more, start doing some homework and taking some responsibility for our tiny little lives.

Once we hit junior high, things really start cooking. We might have our first relationship, maybe even kiss someone (commence the fireworks of adolescence), and then off to high school we go.

Eventually, we start going to parties, maybe have one too many beers, learn to drive, taste some freedom and start planning out our adult futures.

College arrives and we leave home for the first time, finally responsible for ourselves (for real). Big-time challenges start popping up all around us, and yet it looks as though things are starting to come together. We really start visualizing our futures.

Maybe we even meet our life partners, though I don't recommend that — we're about to change. A lot. Shit gets super-confusing when we hit our 20’s.

“What am I going to do with my life?” “Who the hell am I?” And (my personal favorite), “Did I even learn anything going to school for 18 years?”

But I digress.

So maybe we'll lose it at this point, party a bit too much, date horrible people and fall on our faces more times than a sorority girl at five in the morning. And hey, therapy might be a good call at this point. I mean, how else are we going to undo all the damage our parents, teachers and society did to us?

All of this will be happening at once, which will make for some great times and some not-so-great times. Life lesson after life lesson, it’s all leading us to right now — to our destiny, to that voice in the back of our head, the one that’s been waiting our whole lives for us to listen.

Though this voice might change a couple of times over the course of our lives, it will always be there lifting us toward a higher purpose.

Maybe at first it tells us we want to own an art gallery in NYC, and then after some time, we want to join the circus. Eventually, it might even tell us we want to work in Africa helping refugees or start an orphanage.

Regardless of what this voice is telling us, it’s always saying something and showing us our next steps. It’s the contract we signed before shooting out of a cannon and landing on this planet.

So here comes the tricky part (well, it’s all tricky, but this part is the Grand Poobah of perplexing situations): How are we going to make this destiny thing our reality?

Life lesson after life lesson, it’s all leading us to right now — to our destiny, to that voice in the back of our head,

the one that’s been waiting our whole lives for us to listen.

We know the drill — person finds his or her purpose in life, walks away from everything he or she has ever known, and lives a successful, blissed-out, kick-ass existence.

Yes, we’ve all heard of people like this, and our mouths drop when we read about them or come in contact with them. “Jeez, I wish I could do what he (or she) is doing!"

To which I respond, “Why the hell can’t you?!” People do it everyday. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but that’s kind of the point — it’s the ultimate lesson.

Everyone around you, except a chosen few, is going to tell you you’re crazy.

“You want to do what?!” “Have you lost it?”

Those are the same people who will (very likely) stay stuck — forever. Not your problem. “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl Living your destiny is the magic. If ignored, your life’s purpose will continue to haunt you like a crazed lover. Yes, destiny is a persistent motherfucker. You’ll catch glimpses of it on the subway, walking down the street or in the eyes of a stranger.

“Hey, this is your destiny speaking. Stop ignoring me! I won’t be treated like a second-class citizen. Show me some respect, you bastard!”

Look for her in the recurring dream that’s shacking up in your soul — that, my friends, is your wake-up call. If nourished and allowed the room to grow, actually living your purpose will bless you every day. Guaranteed.

We don’t have to worry so much about the how’s in our lives. That’s not really our job . . . and how cool is that? Leave the how to The Universe. Our job is to focus on the life we desire — especially the end result — then to follow all the impulses we get to make that life a reality.

When we put in the work on our side, we can sit back and feel confident that The Universe, God — whatever you want to call it — will work out the details. This is what the Cosmos wants for us, so it is more than thrilled to lend a helping hand.

Once we tune in to this Higher Power, we become a radio receiver through which the voice of the Universe is broadcast. We start to see and hear it all. Our path lights up and becomes much clearer, so all we have to do is follow the signs.

I’ve seen it happen a million times — it’s all part of the laws of nature.


Your true destiny is calling, and she wants to know when the hell you’re coming home.

Go on, pick up the phone.