Introducing Enlightenment is Sexy™


Celebrating the Launch of Our Blog!

Enlightenment is Sexy™ is a cosmically creative space on the interwebs Designed for humans who think differently and see the world from an offbeat angle.

Individuals who remain endlessly curious about what makes the earth spin.

We are keen on Celebrating what we See, Seek, and Think!

It is no secret I have a deep interest in spirituality.

Together let’s explore how we, as a species, can incorporate Higher consciousness, elegant chaos, and supercharged mojo into our everyday lives.

If you feel Lost at Sea Enlightenment is Sexy is the compass to navigate your uncharted waters.

Here is your oasis for transcendence.

We are here to learn from each other and share our gifts And have a blast doing it!

It is Noble to be precisely who God created you to be And then setting the world on fire!

I also feel strongly that it’s noble to be precisely who God created you to be And then start setting the world on fire!

Enlightenment is Sexy™ is YOURS, MINE & OURS A platform for quantum-level kick-assery, High quality pleasure-seeking, Holy-rollin’ consciousness-raising, And good-vibration generation!

(Dedicated to my MOM. Who continues to be with me every step of the way.)