Finding God


In the dark blue night snow slides like a white cloth over a dreaming world.

The song sparrow, stately as a glacier salutes the skies with music of secret hope,

and the winter moon, in crystalline clarity sails the universe as a pure light of peace.

Constellations reach through the centuries, to touch the warring earth blanketed beneath the snow.

Yet, a subtle grace leaps in pure whiteness— Our holy God,

tangled and forgotten in the uncounted years voices

His solemn vow of love in the rushing sound of wind.

O, ice sculptured God of extraordinary love

extricate our world from its own destruction,

give us courage to rummage through the drawers of life,

in search of You.

We are like lost snow geese running across the ice,

so, give us hope to make our way home

faith to find You again.