Beautiful Girl On The Beach


You come, beautiful girl,

like the sun spilling its light,

a curving silhouette,

upon this unforgiving land.

Close by a red-throated loon scuffs at the sand’s skin.

You stand tall, limb to limb a bronzed constellation

pouring yourself back into the vase of your pedestal body.

Your shapely foot strokes the sand like a flamboyant swallow

and your body glistens,

jeweled with bangles and mauve-laced lust…..

Blessed and graced you wait at the sea’s edge like a shrine,

and the fish rise up in benediction to your butterfly beauty.

Grand, glorious, girl, be compulsive in your moment’s celebration,

race toward love--- a world that you do not know is coming.

Patricia Kelly Gangas from her 3rd book of poetry, These Places of Light