The Course


My 8-week Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective course can help you, the highly sensitive person, to thrive and be happy and successful in all areas of your life: relationships, work, health and spirituality. You can feel connected, authentic and understood. And you will learn how to safeguard yourself, so you can stay balanced and in charge of the direction of your life. This Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective  8-week coaching program can help you turn what previously was your HSP “limitation” or “challenge” into a great strength, so you can share your gifts with others and have the amazing impact on the world you’ve always wanted to make.  
Over the course of eight consecutive weeks, we will work closely together to get you on track to a new way of living!

Take a look at what we’ll be covering:


Week 1

  • The First Step is Recognizing You Have “It” (High Sensitivity)
  • Setting Up Healthy, Effective Boundaries

Week 2

  • Getting Rid of Narcissists and Energy Vampires in Your Life
  • Picking Up a Spiritual Practice (or Enhancing Your Current Practice!)

Week 3

  • Taking Radical Care of Yourself: Self-Care to the Max
  • Anxiety and the Highly Sensitive Person

Week 4

  • Following Your True Calling & Living An Authentic Life
  • Creating The Work You Love While Earning a Solid Income

Week 5

  • Ways Of KNOWING
  • Explore Every Major Area of Life and Learn How to Do ”It” Differently, the HSP Way

Week 6

  • Getting a PhD in Your Own Life - It's Self-Realization Time
  • Dating & Relationships as an HSP

Week 7

  • Writing Down Your Goals, Dreams & Wishes and then Making That Shit Happen
  • Turn Yourself Into A Thankful Manifesting Machine

Week 8

  • The Whole Enchilada —Bringing it all together in order to live in the magic