Once Upon a Food Story

“Have you been told that you’re “too sensitive?” Perhaps you’re easily overwhelmed in hectic environments or crowded rooms. You might be reactive to caffeine and notice how food affects you. Or you’re deeply tuned into your emotions and other people’s, too. Odds are, you’re a highly sensitive person!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story Episode #3 with Valerie Gangas who believes that being highly sensitive isn’t a life sentence—it’s your superpower! Valerie is a sought after personal coach, author, and speaker who specializes in helping highly sensitive people gain a deeper understanding of who they are, so they can thrive and unleash their magic.”

Valerie Gangas enlightens The Patti Vasquez Show with new book,”Enlightenment is Sexy”

“Author and meditation expert Valerie Gangas talks about her experience with the practice of transcendental meditation. She explains why this style of meditation is so beneficial to self-esteem and emotional stability, and why so many celebrities turn to transcendental meditation for mental clarity.”

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Spirit Matters Talks

“Valerie Gangas is the author of Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life. A popular motivational speaker whose core message is “Living life from the inside out is the only way to roll,” she has gone from being a self-proclaimed “wild child” and a suicidal depressive to a person of whom Oprah Winfrey said, “I want what that girl has.” We spoke about her personal journey, her unusual spiritual experiences, her book, and her message to women about “how to have a kick-ass spiritual life.”

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