The Course

Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective

You can live differently. Live in the flow of the universe.
No more struggling and pushing.

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Are you highly sensitive?  
Do you pick up on subtleties others just don’t see? 

Do you often feel like you don’t quite fit in this world? Or that you’re easily overwhelmed by it?

Are you tired of being shut down and told, “You’re being too sensitive”? Do you feel like you have to hide your gifts just to be accepted?


Maybe, you actually are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).


Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a “highly sensitive person,” but you just know you’re generally more aware than most people, you feel “different” or often find you’re struggling to make it in this world. The fact is, you may be a highly sensitive person, if you find yourself nodding your head up and down—and feeling, “Yeah, that’s me”—at a number of the questions directly below:

  • Do you often feel awkward in social settings? Are you tired after being around crowds or when you’re with groups of people?
  • Are you having problems with relationships – choosing the wrong people or people who are actually not available? Do you find yourself getting totally overwhelmed by your partner?
  • Do you regularly find people don’t really understand you?
  • Does it seem like your family and even some of your friends don't get you,… at all?
  • Do you need time alone, but can never seem to make it a priority?
  • Do you feel as though it’s not possible for you to live the life of your dreams, because you might disappoint people’s expectations of you
  • Are you lacking the confidence it takes to follow your gut, your inner voice, 24/7?
  • Do you struggle to make the people around you understand who you truly are? And does it often feel like a losing battle?
  • Do you sometimes feel alone and unseen, or unacknowledged, even when you’re in the midst of a group of people you know?  
  • Do your emotions sometimes seem to bombard you?
  • Do you feel like you’re different than most people, but you don’t know why? Do you sometimes feel like an alien or a total outsider?
  • Maybe you have the sense you have a gift, but you’re not sure how to express it. Do you generally not see your intuition as being powerful, and instead are confused by it and keep it hidden away?
  • Do you feel frustrated you’re not living your dharma, that is, your soul’s sense of why you were put on this earth?
  • Do you ever feel your life is turning into a total shit show?
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there is another way.

It really doesn’t have to be like this.

(Because if you answered “Yes” to even a couple of the questions above, this life you’re living right now is clearly ready for a fundamental change in how you experience your world, right?) Just imagine what it would be like to transform this madness you’ve been living into the kick-ass life you came here to enjoy! Wouldn’t it be great knowing the secret to unleashing your HSP “superpower” and discovering the key to navigating your world? You can live differently. Live in the flow of the universe. No more struggling and pushing.
Imagine feeling relaxed when interacting with people

To be at ease in the world.
Imagine how it would feel to be seen… To be surrounded by people who understand and appreciate you, who lift you up, instead of bring you down.
Once you discover how you can do life differently, you can literally change your world. Both your inner world and the world around you.
You can finally be free.

Envision what it would be like having your thoughts and ideas validated. To be able to focus on creatively developing and completing heartfelt projects. To do the things you feel passionate about.
To be authentic in all you do, wherever you go and with everyone. To be in control of your own life. 
To feel a natural sense of balance in your work life and social life, your relationships, your health and nutrition, and even go deeper spiritually.
To be comfortable in your own skin and living in your truth.

 Feel what it would be like to get paid well for doing what you love.


Now, stop for a minute and see if you can truly understand that, as an HSP, you are ‘otherworldly’ (i.e., so not “normal”) and what a gift that is.  Throughout your life, you’ve been experiencing and seeing things most other people don’t. And it’s time you learn to own it and start using it like the superpower it is! You can learn how to navigate the world with much greater ease, success and fulfillment.

You’ve got the magic inside you and it’s real. The point is to find out how to unleash it! How to connect with your highly sensitive superpower in a way that will literally guide you through life incredibly!

It’s all possible! And it’s my mission to show you how. 


I am Valerie

...and I know what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person. I used to be totally confused about why I felt so different, but once I tapped into what I now consider my super-power, a month later I was working with Oprah Winfrey and kicking ass at life. I literally became unstoppable. 

Yes, I went from suicidally depressed to Oprah. In 2 months.

That’s how powerful this stuff is! The bottom line? I learned how to live in the magic… instead of feeling like a cursed outsider.

For years now, I’ve specialized in helping highly sensitive women take control of their lives and use their sensitivity as an empowering, driving force in their lives.
And the truth is, I wish I’d met someone like me all those years ago to show me how to truly appreciate my sensitivity for the gift it is, and to use it to make the biggest difference I can in this world. 
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Wouldn’t you like to learn:

  • How to NOT get overwhelmed in social situations

  • Effective tips for HSPs to make it through a date without losing it

  • How to turn your diary into a daily therapy session

  • The unique boundaries of risk-taking as an HSP

  • Smart, healthy approaches to dealing with non-HSPs

  • All about fine-tuning your built-in bullshit detector

  • How to beef up your psychological toolbox: knowing what’s out there that can really help an HSP

  • Primo resources for “better living through science”: top-shelf vitamins and potions for HSPs

Bringing together all I’ve learned from my experiences, background and training, I’ve designed a personalized online Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective course that will not only validate, educate and empower you, but also give you the most awesome tools and training to turn the challenges, frustrations and stress of your being a highly sensitive person into a super-powered life of magic, accomplishment and fulfillment.

I’m here to help you realize you’re not mad. And there’s nothing wrong with you. Quite the opposite. You are amazing, and we HSPs can experience a whole new world once we turn our perspective around.

The fact is, you’re powerful beyond measure. And my mission is to help you step into that innate power and own it. Trust me, previously shut doors will start opening for you. The once darkened skies will begin shining brightly with sunlight. And The Universe will show you all sorts of clear signs that you are on the right path.


The Course


My 8-week Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective course can help you, the highly sensitive person, to thrive and be happy and successful in all areas of your life: relationships, work, health and spirituality. You can feel connected, authentic and understood. And you will learn how to safeguard yourself, so you can stay balanced and in charge of the direction of your life. This Highly Sensitive Rebel Collective  8-week coaching program can help you turn what previously was your HSP “limitation” or “challenge” into a great strength, so you can share your gifts with others and have the amazing impact on the world you’ve always wanted to make.  
Over the course of eight consecutive weeks, we will work closely together to get you on track to a new way of living!

Take a look at what we’ll be covering:


Week 1

  • The First Step is Recognizing You Have “It” (High Sensitivity)
  • Setting Up Healthy, Effective Boundaries

Week 2

  • Getting Rid of Narcissists and Energy Vampires in Your Life
  • Picking Up a Spiritual Practice (or Enhancing Your Current Practice!)

Week 3

  • Taking Radical Care of Yourself - Self-Care to the Max
  • Getting a PhD in Your Own Life - It's Self-Realization Time

Week 4

  • Following Your True Calling & Living An Authentic Life
  • Creating The Work You Love While Earning a Solid Income

Week 5

  • Ways Of KNOWING
  • Explore Every Major Area of Life and Learn How to Do ”It” Differently, the HSP Way

Week 6

  • Nutrition, Diet and Exercise for the Highly Sensitive Person
  • Dating & Relationships as an HSP

Week 7

  • Writing Down Your Goals, Dreams & Wishes and then Making That Shit Happen
  • Planning Ahead For Life’s Curveballs

Week 8

  • The Whole Enchilada —Bringing it all together in order to live in the magic

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INVESTMENT: $497 $397 early bird price


Just imagine, 8 weeks from now you could be not only living your best life, but kicking some major ass doing it and feeling smooth-as-silk throughout the day!
Or, if you do nothing different, 8 weeks from now, you’ll very likely be exactly where you are at this moment and nothing significant will have changed. It’s up to you.


You’re right for this program if you are…

  • Ready to really take control of your life.
  • Done listening to other people who totally don’t get “it” or you.
  • Committed to doing whatever it takes to stop feeling crazy and start feeling powerful.
  • At the end of your rope trying to navigate this world as an HSP with no roadmap.
  • Ready to move toward your true life destiny with full force. 

You’re probably not right for this program, if you are…

  • Still comfortable playing small.
  • Not ready to face the fact you are an HSP.
  • Not ready to create boundaries in your life to keep your head on straight.
  • You have deeper issues or traumas that need to be addressed by a licensed therapist.
  • Not ready to come out of the HSP closet.